Meet our hardworking and ever-present group of professionals contributing to our success.

Alhassan Kamil,


A technology enthusiast, creator, developer and an avid learner, Alhassan Kamil believes in utilising digital products to impact lives and change society for good.

Soalihu Alhassan,

Publishing Lead

Soalihu Alhassan is my name and I am a graduate with BSc Planning degree from the University for Development Studies, Tamale. I am experienced and charismatic leader with enviable leadership skills.

Abdul-Fatahu Hardi,

Head, Product Development

I am a passionate computer programmer who spends most of his time behind the computer. I love learning and implementing new technologies.

Abdul-Rafiu Fuseini,

Head, Content Development

Abdul Rafiu Fuseini is my name, very passionate about my language, a language translator in Dagbani, a Dagbani Wikimedian and a Co-lead for Moore Wikimedians Community, a facilitator for the Dagbani Wikimedians User and facilitator for the Dagbani Wikipedia Saha on Sagani Tv. I am also a graphic designer.

Abdul-wahab Hanifa,


I am the person of Abdul-wahab Hanifa, a graduate of University of Cape Coast. I am an entrepreneur, a learner guide at Camfed Ghana and also part of Dagbanli Wikipedia Users Group.

Abdul-Halik Yakubu,

Digital Marketer

Abdul-Halik Yakubu is my name. I am an astute professional experienced in social media marketing, banking and finance. I am excited about the chance to share ideas with other like minded and wonderful colleagues here at Dagbon Digital, so we can make our homeland a BETTER place.

Mohammed Seidu Ayisha,

English Contributor

I'm the person of Mohammed Seidu Ayisha, a student from the University For Development Studies offering Bsc Community Nutrition as a course. Nutrition is nearly everything within the human body, so I am passionate to help, especially in the health sector.

Adam Kayaba Salifu,

Dagbani Contributor

N yuli n-nyɛ Adam Kayaba. N nyɛla ŋun bɔhinda ka niŋdi vihigu zaŋ kpa Dagbanli polo. 2023 Tinim n-nyɛ tuuli ban yina ti niŋ Dagbani Speech Data zaŋ ti University of Ghana ( Pictures description in Dagbani ).

Osman Abdul Wahab,

English Contributor

I am a young writer who has a degree in Mathematics. Writing has been something that has become part of me but I can’t overlook the fact that I was born with Mathematics too.

Abdul-Baaki Hudu,

English Contributor

I am a highly motivated individual with a passion for technology and its potential to transform lives. With a background in Computer Science and a focus on Software Engineering, I am committed to developing innovative solutions that solve real-world problems.

Mohammed Lukman Attah,


My name is Mohammed Lukman popularly known as Attah. I studied B.A Dagbani Education with Linguistics from University of Education, Winneba.

Bawa Mubashir,

Software Developer

I'm a young man who is enthusiastic about computer and currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and would like to make a great positive impact on my country, Ghana especially northern part of Ghana.

Isshak Napari Iddrisu,

Digital Marketer, Designer

My name is Isshak Napari Iddrisu, I am a native of Tamale, Ghana. I'm a professional teacher and a tech enthusiast. I love reading, music and movies. I am passionate about Dagbon development and culture.

Yakubu Sayibu,


I am highly motivated young man who is open for learning. I derive pleasure in helping others, in as much as I can. I am passionate about making a change and being part of a progress no matter who is progressing. I am a speaker and a writer. I'm deeply opinionated and I like expressing my views. I listen, obey and tolerate. Above all I am very flexible.