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Your are at the right place. Dagbon Digital has all the resources you need to learn and know Dagbani and Dagbon culture and traditions.

Expressing our beautiful culture, our pride

Our culture tells who we are: a great people with love for one another. It unites us and markets us to other tribes. It's our unique identity! Enjoy our cultural displays here!!

The most comprehensive Dagbani content online

Dagbon Digital is the only platform to provide a very comprehensive content on Dagbani and the Dagbon culture and traditions.


Get to know Dagbani names and their meanings. We have a large collection of Dagbani names you can use to name your baby.


Know the rulers of the Dagbon Kingdom from 1415 to date. We have the history of kings from Naa Nyagsi to the current Yaa Naa.


The Dagombas have a rich set of proverbs for different circumstances. And, we make sure you have access to them for your use.


Answer puzzles posted by people like you and have fun while unlocking the power of your brain and ability to remember.


Read and listen to interesting folk tales and stories from the Dagomba people. Have a story, post it for others to benefit.


We're building the first-ever free online Dagbani dictionary, with over 5000 words covered and new words regularly added.


We're providing short, interactive Dagbani -> English lessons for beginners and newcomers to the language.


Because we want our users to have a rich understanding of Dagbani, we're providing the biggest set of idioms online.


One of our objectives is to provide the biggest digital library for buying Dagbani books, traditional artifacts, etc.

Start contributing, it only takes a few steps

Step 1

Register for an account with us. Start by signing up for a Dagbon Digital account so that we can identify you and credit your work.

Step 2

Submit contribution. After you sign up, submit your contribution through the Contribute page. We'll review your contribution to see if it conforms to our standards.

Step 3

If your contribution conforms to our standards, we'll publish your work and alert you. Else, we'll get back to you on what you need to do for your contribution to meet our standards.


We have a clear objective of making Dagbani accessible on the Internet

Unlike other languages in Ghana, Dagbani has little to no content on the Internet. Our main goal is to solve this by making Dagbani content readily available online. Our objectives are:

  • 1

    Develop an Online Dictionary

    We're developing a free online Dagbani dictionary with over 5000 words. The dictionary is flexible enough to add new words, and it has support for audio pronunciations.

  • 2

    Publish Dagbani Articles/Books

    We want to provide a platform for publishing Dagbani articles and books, available to everyone. This way, our main goal of making Dagbani available online can be easily achieved.

  • 3

    Create a Platform for Learning Dagbani

    As part of our goals, we're providing a platform for newcomers and beginners to learn Dagbani. Our lessons include English โ†’ Dagbani lessons with audio versions.

  • 4

    Provide Digital Resources in Dagbani

    We're providing digital resources in the form of Dagbani names, proverbs, puzzles, folklore, etc. for our users to master Dagbon culture and traditions.

  • 5

    Provide Digital Literacy Training

    From time to time, we want to provide digital literacy training to interested people. We're in a digital world and we don't want our people to be left behind.

  • 6

    Serve as Knowledge Hub for Dagbon

    We want to be a platform people can rely on to deepen their knowledge of Dagbani and the Dagomba people. Consequently, we're making data available for whoever needs it.


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